• Partner in business
    24 hours a day
    You can make connections during the day. But sometimes we have to work on through - in order to get the work finished on time because the customer wants us to, or because we want to cause less disruption for people. If necessary, we will work 24 hours day. Perseverance is our trademark.
  • Attention to detail
    Paying attention to you
    Large projects require insight and an overview. Unexpected developments demand creative solutions. We employ people for this who can adapt rapidly to new situations. We are adaptable and flexible.
  • Our work is all about people
    Seize the opportunity
    At Schuuring we are constantly looking for talent. We are looking for people who understand what our customers want. Who are prepared to take responsibility for arranging complex issues for the principal successfully. Who like to find creative solutions.
  • Our passion
    Connecting people
    Schuuring connects people in a world where information has to be accessed more and more rapidly. We build a wide range of networks: coax, mobile, copper, and last but not least, fibreoptic. But in the end it’s all about connections.
  • Craftsmanship
    Satisfied clients
    Building networks is our business. But our work is not just about producing a design, drawing up a timetable and digging a trench. Our work is about people: disruption, convenience, safety, money, adaptation and a great deal more.
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